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Mercedes Service


Mercedes Service

B&C Foreign Car Repair has been working on Mercedes Benz automobiles in the Ventura County area for the past 43 years. Our staff of Mercedes mechanics has extensive hands on experience in Mercedes Repair and Service.  M.B. makes some of the nicest luxury automobiles in the world today. Not only are these machines beautiful to look at but this company is always pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation. What does that mean to you? Well if you own one of these cars you will enjoy the latest in technological advances.

However service and repair of these vehicles require a mechanic that has the experience as well as the necessary tools to do the job correct. because of their sophistication it is important to service and repair your Benz at a shop that specializes in these types of automobiles.

When required Mercedes repair can be quite costly especially when you let the maintenance on the car lapse past the recommended intervals. Servicing your car at regular intervals is likely the best way to avoid costly repair bills.

Our professional technicians offer many services for your Mercedes including:

    • Oil Service
    • Brakes
    • Check Engine Light
    • Air Conditioning
    • Visual Inspection
    • Fluid Levels and Condition
    • Brake Inspection
    • Tire Inspection
    • Air Filter(s) as needed
    • Cabin Filter(s) as needed
    • Wiper Blade(s) as needed

If you feel like your Mercedes needs service please contact us (805) 643-9029 and describe your needs to one of our staff and we will be happy to assist you with any maintenance or repairs you might require.