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B&C Foreign Car Repair BMW Service

B&C Foreign Car Repair is a BMW Shop in the Ventura County area of Southern California. We specialize in servicing and repairing foreign cars specifically European imports. German cars are a specific specialty of ours. We have 43 plus years of experience in the field of BMW service and repair. Our  shop is known for its expertise in servicing and repairing BMW’s. We pride ourselves in treating all our clients fairly and have many clients that have had their car serviced with us for the entire life of the vehicle.

BMW maintenance is an important factor in avoiding un-necessary and costly repairs due to neglect. These European luxury vehicles require maintenance in order to function properly. In order to service a Beemer you will need the proper tools in order to do the job. What you will find with most cars in this day and age specialist are required to service most of today’s driving machines. Since we specialize in BMW service and maintenance our shop is equipped with all the necessary diagnostic tools and equipment to do any job on these cars. these vehicles have always been at the forefront of technology from their inception and the latest models are definitely some of the most sophisticated automobiles on the road.

Prevent Breakdowns & Heartbreak With Regular Service

You love your BMW and want it to run smoothly and strong for as long as possible. We’ll keep it properly maintained for you, and your new car warranty is safe with us.

  • Every 7,000 miles, have the oil and filters changed. We’ll also check your tires, belts, hoses and suspension.
  • Every 60,000 miles, have the engine, transmission and exhaust system inspected for leaks. We’ll also check the braking system and all fluid levels.
  • After 90,000 miles, in addition to the other usual components, have the spark plugs changed and body inspected.ter 90,000 miles, in addition to the other usual components, have the spark plugs changed and body inspected.


If you feel like your BMW needs service please contact us (805) 643-9029 and describe your needs to one of our staff and we will be happy to assist you with any maintenance or repairs you might require.